TROVA: TRansport Of water VApor

Published in SoftwareX, 2022

Recommended citation: Fernández-Alvarez, J.C.; Pérez-Alarcón, A.; Nieto, R.; Gimeno, L. (2022). TROVA: TRansport Of water VApor. SoftwareX, 20, 101228,



The TRansport Of water VApor (TROVA) software, developed in Python and Fortran for the study of moisture sources and sinks, is presented here. TROVA includes the main Lagrangian methodologies established in the literature, using outputs from the global FLEXible PARTicle dispersion model and the regional FLEXPART-WRF model at different spatial resolutions. TROVA will benefit users investigating the physics of the atmosphere and fields associated with this branch in the study of current and future changes in source–sink moisture relationships and their link with mean and extreme precipitation.

Keywords: Moisture sources; Precipitation; Python; FLEXPART; FLEXPART-WRF; Evaporation